We make things happen for our clients

Who we are

Hello, we are Owen Hood; a digital marketing agency for people and businesses that want more. More customers, more leads, more followers, more donations. They all start here.

Alastair Owen is a strategic marketing director with 13 years of experience leading marketing teams. Simon Hood is a digital entrepreneur with 10 years of experience running digital startups. Together we bring a fresh, human touch to digital marketing. We mix strategy, creativity and the odd off-the-wall idea to make things happen for our clients.

Simon Hood | Owen Hood Digital Marketing

What we do

Our philosophy is short and simple: to deliver extraordinary value for our clients. We do this by running transformative digital marketing campaigns, by building radically better websites and by getting them ranked higher on Google. We can do all of this at Titanic scale or on a tight budget.

We can help you with:

 Digital strategies and campaigns

 Lead generation

 Organic search (SEO) and paid search (PPC)

Advertising and social media ads

Website design and development

Content marketing

Email marketing 

Social media marketing

Our digital marketing mix

Partner ethos

We don’t work alone. We partner with incredibly talented people to deliver you extraordinary results. Designers, developers, photographers, content creators. Whatever we need for the project, whatever the budget, we bring on the right people for the job. So when you work with us, you work with our amazing network too.

How we make things happen


The thinking

Research and strategic thinking underpins everything we do. Here we define what success means to you.


The doing

We love bringing our ideas, strategies and campaigns to life and to start making things happen.


The reviewing

We relentlessly test that what we thought would work is working. And if it isn’t, we find what does.

What would you like to happen? Talk to us.

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