British Flowers Week

Starting a floral revolution and inspiring 15 million people each year on social media.

The brief

New Covent Garden Market is home to the UK’s largest flower market. It faces fierce competition from Dutch importers but what sets it apart is its connection to British flowers. Our task was to elevate the profile of the market as a national leader of the British flower industry. This project was delivered by Alastair working in-house.

What we did

We created the multi-platform campaign British Flowers Week; an annual nationwide celebration of British flowers. The aim was simple: increase demand for British flowers with both consumers and florists to drive more sales along the entire supply chain. We did this by building a movement and creating inspiring and engaging content across social, email, a website and in the press.

Campaign strategy and implementation

Social media

Website development

Email campaigns

Content creation

Strategic partnerships

The impact

Each year, British Flowers Week reached 15 million on social, generated 300 media articles and inspired 50+ events up and down the country. It has boosted sales of British flowers at the Flower Market and helped increase the sales of UK flowers nationally from 10% market share to 14%. The campaign has inspired USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to start their own national flower weeks too. The floral revolution is in bloom.

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