New Covent Garden Market

Transforming the digital marketing for the UK’s largest fresh produce market and delivering £1m new revenue in 12 months.

The brief

New Covent Garden Market is the UK’s largest fresh produce market. Its 200 businesses feed and flower London every day by supplying the capital’s chefs and florists. The market is a leading power offline but it lacked dominance online . Working in-house, Alastair changed this.

What we did

Wholesale change required holistic transformation. We developed a radically better website with powerful new lead generation tools. Working across the full digital marketing mix, we used new inbound marketing tactics and inspiring content to drive visitors to the website where they were converted into leads.

Marketing strategy and implementation

Website development

Social media


Paid advertising: Google and Facebook

Content marketing: blog and email

Lead generation tools and processes

CRM integration and development

The impact

Within 12 months we delivered £1m new revenue for the market at a 10:1 return on investment for marketing spend. We generated a 500% increase in new leads and we got New Covent Garden Market to rank #1 on Google for all the targeted keywords.

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